Tips and tutorial related to AZURE Cloud 

 1) How to generate SSH key for Azure Linux VM? , SSH key generation Putty

 In this video you ll learn about generating SSH keys for SSH based authentication for Azure Linux Virtual Machines. O have demonstrated two different ways to generate these keys i.e. one with Cloud Shell and the other with Puttygen which is a utility from putty SSH client.

2)  Azure Availability Set 2019, Fault Domains, Update Domains, HA in Azure, Azure Availability Zones

In this video I have explained about the availability set and availability zones in Azure, I have also explained about Fault domains and Update domains, Then I have demonstrated how to configure Availability set with two web servers and a basic load balancer.

3) Azure Virtual Machines 2019, Creating Azure Virtual Machines, Step by step Tutorial

 In this tutorial I have demonstrated step by step how to create a Linux virtual machine in Azure. I have explained all the settings which you configure and after creating the VM, I have also demonstrated how to configure a web server with a small html code, which also shows how opening the ports make it accessible on the internet.