Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Explained Step-by-Step Demo

In This video tutorial I have explained Azure Virtual Machine VM scale set in a step by step demo, I have also demonstrated how you can create a custom image which can be used to launch your instances in VM scale set. You can also learn how to choose and configure Custom Autoscale with Metric values or based upon a schedule.

Following topics have been covered in this video:-
1) What is Microsoft Azure VM Scale Sets?
2) azure scale set custom image
3) azure create scale set from existing vm
4) azure scale set update domain
5) azure scale set key vault
6) azure scale sets documentation
7) azure availability set
8) azure configure scale set
9) azure vm scale set rdp
10) Understanding Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
11) What is scale set in Azure?
12) What is a scale set?
13) Low-Priority VM Scale Set
14) Scheduled Scale Set
15) Manual Scale
16) Custom Autoscale
17) How do you create a scale Set in Azure?
18) Do scale sets work with Azure availability sets?