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AWS VPC Virtual Private Cloud

AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud):

  Hi Everyone here is a quick video about the AWS VPC basics, please find below the diagram I have referred to prepare this tutorial as well as the video where I have demonstrated the creation of VPC along with subnets and hosting the EC2 resources in those subnets.

AWS VPC Reference diagram

And here is the video for creating your own customized VPC with public and private facing subnets, along with an internet Gateway for the internet traffic.

X64 Images are not available to Client in WDS

X64 Images are not available to Client in WDS

You come across scenarios in your day to day Sys Admin life where you have set up youWDS (RIS) server correctly. You have uploaded images of X64, I64 and X86 architecture correctly and they are online.

When client boots up in PXE environment after pressing F12, OS image selection menu shows up and we see there is no X64 images are available for selection.

Try to run the following command on WDS server:

i) wdsutil /set-server /architecturediscovery:yes

The PXE specification states that each network-booting client computer must indicate its architecture by setting Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) option 93 to the appropriate value. However, on many x64-based client computers, the value may not be set. Or, the value may be set incorrectly. For example, the architecture may be specified as x86 even though the client computer is x64-capable. The following table lists the architecture values.
0IA x86 PC
2IA-64 PC
3DEC Alpha
5Intel Lean Client
When architecture detection is enabled, the client computer downloads a network boot program ( from the server. Then, the network boot program reports the architecture of the client computer to the server. This operation occurs before the client computer downloads the default boot program for its architecture. Examples of the default boot program include and Pxeboot.n12.

Architecture detection may add time to the boot process, increase network traffic, and increase the load on the server. By default, architecture detection is turned off.

To review the server's architecture detection setting, type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
wdsutil /get-server /show:config
For more information about WDS and the Wdsutil.exe command-line tool, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
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