GPO Processing Myth

GPO Processing Myth !!

This is my first post. I have come across various situations where user/System Admin and surprising enough even some trainers are not sure that what would be the processing and precedence order of the Active Directory GPO application. I would try my level best to simplify this overtly confusing topic.

First let us know the order of precedence of GPOs.
to make it easy if someone can recollect there was a Hindi movie sometime back called
Now you must be wondering what non-sense is this, hold your horses, this will help you to recollect the order of GPO Application, let see how:

L: Local policy will be applied first
S: Site policy will be applied next
D: Domain Policy would be the next

OU: finally the OU policies.
And remember that in GPO application always last writer wins i.e. OU policy will be applied last and will overwrite if find any conflicting settings applied by Local, Site or Domain Policy.

I hope it would clarify the GPO myth upto a reasonable extent..
Running short of time..

Would include examples soon,,,,,